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Friday, April 13, 2012


I am also working on a finding aid for our People Photo Collection. While I am doing it I am also looking for their obituaries on the Northern New York Historical Newspapers Website. I think its interesting to learn about the people whose photos we have. I thought I would share some photos of people whose stories I have found interesting.

This is John Lavier. He died in Canton at the age of 86. He was from Waddington. Mr. Lavier was a well known river guide and fisherman. When he was younger he was an acrobat for the Main Brothers Circus for 20 years. This info cames from his obit in the Ogdensburg Journal from Friday April 10, 1942 pg 2.

This is Silas Malterner.He had the first automobile in Canton. He build it himself. It was small. The wheels were pneunmatic with steel spokes. It was somewhat styled like a old fashioned buggy. It did not have a top. It was steered by an arm at the side of the driver's seat. It ran on both steam and gas. To read more about Mr. Malterner and his automoblie search for Silas Malterner in the Northern New York Historical newspapers site. It was on the Massena Newspaper.

I will be posting other photos and stories soon.

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